Changing the world

We desire to have generosity be the thread that connects all that we do. It’s what drives us to succeed so that we in turn may be generous to those around us using our time, knowledge, and money to help others achieve their hopes and dreams. One way that we do this is through our long-standing partnership with Haiti Children’s Aid Society. HCAS provides 24/7 care for orphans located on the central plateau of Haiti; an area with over 80% unemployment. Their child sponsorship program is the only one we are aware of, where 97% of the proceeds goes to the care of the children. This is done by having a powerful network of volunteers, something that is near and dear to our hearts.

Want to get involved? Here’s how!

Sponsorship Program: For $40 a month, you can sponsor a child knowing that 97% of your hard-earned dollars are going towards the care of the children. There are no administrations costs.

Join a Team: We at Springleaf lead a team of volunteers to the orphanage in Haiti every December. Think you have something to offer? We’re always looking for people that care. Whether you have a background in the trades, medical profession, business, or perhaps you’re retired and have time and a ton of life experience. We need you.

Shane Trusz Haiti

One of our managing partners here at Springleaf spent over a year in Haiti as Field Director to help oversee the construction of the new state-of-the-art facility. Shane also leads teams down to the property every year to help with everything from maintenance issues to water projects to clinic development and everything in between. Should you ever want to join one of these teams, please reach out to Shane Trusz directly.

Shane Trusz Haiti

Education has always been near and dear to our hearts as we live in a country where everyone learns how to read and write. Part of the privilege we have in partnering with HCAS is to ensure that the kids under our care are able to attend school but this doesn’t happen by accident as it all takes money. Part of the monthly sponsorship goes towards the child’s education.

Shane Trusz Haiti

The property is five acres, with power being supplied by 100, 300 watt solar panels. The facility also provides access to clean water to the surrounding valley. This base of operations has helped people all throughout the region and we’re excited to see how things continue to evolve as more people from Canada get involved with a myriad of skills.