Isa Habash, QAFP®, CHS™
Qualified Associate Financial Planner™
Certified Health Insurance Specialist
Isa Habash

Financial planning is one of those things in people's lives that becomes easy to ignore and set to the side until tomorrow. I find this happens because it can be a confusing topic with an entirely new language, and difficult to find someone to truly trust. It is not only my goal to lower these barriers to help my clients build a better future for themselves, I feel it is an obligation. This comes through making an authentic connection with my clients and providing the education they need to sift through the noise and make good decisions.

I am the recipient of the designations of Qualified Associate Financial Planner (QAFP™) and Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS®).

I love to work, but life is about balance. My family and I love exploring BC, and greatly enjoy all the beautiful wilderness it has to offer. I also love to spend time in the kitchen making middle-eastern appetizers.